Custom Trophies And Awards For Employee Recognition. Part-1

Souvnirs provides approximately 550 employee recognition presents and personalized gifts for employees, as well as wholesale trophy supplies if you require collaboration trophies and medals, an ace performer award, or an individual appreciation award.

Souvnirs provides the top trophy makers in India with customized and personalized inscriptions that are either screen-printed or engraved in-house. The buck doesn't stop there, though. From start to finish, our creative specialists and designing team work with you to comprehend and express not just the intended message, but also to get your corporate logo exactly right.

It increases brand memory and turns the recipient into a brand advocate. As a result, we urge that you use it at every point when you connect with your staff.

Why Is It Important to Recognize Employees promptly?

Gratitude is a fundamental desire for all humans. We all strive for social acceptance and praise that shows others care about and appreciate our efforts. Employee appreciation and recognition should never be judged just in monetary terms or as a boost in compensation.

It's critical to remember that every employee works for a paycheck. But, more significantly, his desire to be recognized for his efforts drives him to perform. His desire should be acknowledged and answered. What better method to show his contribution to your achievement than with a simple acknowledgment or gratitude trophies and awards?

Employee recognition statistics and their influence

  • Reduces complaints and boosts production time by fostering job happiness.
  • Improves receiver and team productivity by motivating greater performance and increasing efforts.
  • When performance-oriented behavior is acknowledged and promoted, KPIs are supported.
  • Allows for engagement while also reinforcing the desired behavior.
  • Increased brand memory and loyalty among both global and local clientele.
  • Improves team performance and reduces stress.
  • Attrition and absenteeism are kept under control.
  • Fewer incidents in the workplace and more focus at work.
  • Consider the expense of onboarding a new employee as well as the effect on productivity. The time and money spent on employee retention via appreciation and recognition is a small proportion of the total expenditures.
  • The chain reaction caused by acknowledged and authorized performance via recognition leads to increased happiness and productivity, increasing the value and rate of success of the company and providing newer opportunities for future employee recognition.

How to Acknowledge Employee Achievement

Even if the trophies and prizes are little and inexpensive, they will have a significant influence on performance and productivity. Our in-house team at Souvnirs works with you to understand and assist you to pick your message, where and how to position your brand, and then quickly transforms an award with expert creators and designers into something that makes the recipient utterly happy and stunned to receive and exhibit it.

Here are a few pointers for managers on how to observe and reward employees:

  1. Seek out and take advantage of chances.

A leader recognizes opportunities rather than searching for them. Recognizing other people's contributions daily should be ingrained in our workplace culture. Take advantage of every chance to express gratitude to your coworkers. Honor the performer of the week. Applaud the attempt to connect with concerns outside of the workplace. Find opportunities to express your gratitude in acts by knocking on doors of opportunity.

  1. Your thanks will help to build trust and open lines of conversation.

To gain trust and respect, deepen connections by showing gratitude on time. To boost productivity in all professional and personal interactions, open those channels of communication and use mutual understanding.

  1. Conduct employee appreciation surveys and pay close attention to the results.

A poll like this one is a great way to be objective and discover new ways to recognize team spirit, creativity, and increased productivity. Trophies and prizes drive recipients and teams to outperform on all indices, resulting in success for you, your brand, and your product.

The 'How' of Employee Appreciation

Being courteous and thankful isn't rocket science. Money and pay rises are good. Consider giving an honest pat on the back with a few words of appreciation now and then to boost team spirit. Begin practicing this regularly and see how this practice seems to carry on indefinitely, providing you with a plethora of advantages.

  • In this part of the blog, we have discussed the importance, statistics, and observational points while considering the corporate gift trophies for the employees and clients. In the next part of the blog, we will be discussing the types, and concepts of giving trophies as gifts along with the effects of rewarding and recognizing the employees’ contribution to the achievement of company goals. So, stay tuned!


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