Diwali gift ideas

Different Diwali celebration ideas for the workplace

DIWALI is quickly approaching, and there isn't much time for the festivities to begin. It's that time of year when we're all thrilled to dress up and look our ethnic best. This celebration also serves as a time for family, friends, and neighbors to meet for a feast and to partake in the lovely connection.

Diwali is a gala, not simply a tight family affair. It's also a fantastic time to foster business ties, as offices are like second homes for many people. this festival of light is enjoyed by people all over the world. However, throughout time, the festival has evolved into a global spectacle, serving as a cultural representation of the Indian community. Thus, celebrating Diwali is more than just a tribute to the holiday. Instead, celebrating Diwali at work is an important employee engagement strategy.

Festivals are becoming increasingly important as we progress as multicultural workplaces. One of the most important aspects of Diwali is that it represents the triumph of good over evil. Indian households and businesses clean their spaces to rid them of evil, as is customary. Keeping the same central objective in mind, Diwali celebrations in business settings serve the same purpose. It has the potential to cleanse the environment of corporate sins such as segregation, lobbying, and exclusivity. As we celebrate the event as one big corporate family, the open communication channels create a holistic environment. And there's more. Those who have never attended the event can experience the festival's vibe.

Several firms have already made it a point to celebrate Diwali in the workplace every year. So, what might make your corporate Diwali unique? To address this topic, we're not only talking about how to celebrate Diwali here. The concept goes beyond simply rejoicing. You may utilize your Diwali theme to help the event reclaim its former splendor.

We all agree that workplaces are meant to be places where employees can make the greatest use of their time and abilities. But how about breaking the routine for a day? Diwali necessitates a great celebration in the workplace as well! Let's have a look at these new Diwali celebration ideas to add a bit more "JOY" to our lives.

Create enjoyable competitions

You may have a fortune cookie-themed seminar for all employees. Use pistachio instead of fortune cookies. Make it even more enjoyable by assigning them a responsibility, such as speaking about your favourite coworker. Organize a Diwali-themed quiz. You may also ask them to finish the phrases with a funny version of the Ramayana Dialogues, such as "If this were uttered now!" There might also be thali decorating, Diya making, rangoli competitions, and bay decorations. Making lanterns may also be enjoyable.

Find some Henna artists.

Women will probably prefer this surprise to the chocolates. Bring a group of henna artists and watch their faces light up with delight and their hands loaded with beautiful Mehandi patterns.

Find volunteers to help with workplace decoration.

For décor, use flowers, naturalistic colors, handicrafts, and traditionally patterned clothing. Don't break the crackers. Instead, burn some candles or Diyas in regions where there is no danger of fire. Decorating is an activity that involves a large group of individuals. As a result, your team coordination actions are reinforced.

Best ethnic dress competition

This should go without saying, but you may certainly organize a competition for the staff. After all, who doesn't enjoy dressing up? Do not fix some dress code but give them the freedom to give a chance to fashion diva inside them a chance and dressed up in their best. You may also conduct a ramp walk session, formulate a question for the final round, and ask them to demonstrate a little portion of their skill (it can include dancing, singing, mimicry, or acting, etc.) The winner receives a lovely crown and the title. 

Make them dance on some classic beats

You can arrange a DJ or ask someone who has the best playlist to help you make everybody groove to the beats. Festivals are the time we enjoy and celebrate 

Have a good time at the picture booth.

You can set up a photo booth section where you can put accessories like a giant mustache, a big crown, wigs, and prayer beads, among other things. Employees may take images here and utilize their Instagram profiles to their advantage with boomerangs and superzooms.

Arrange lunch and food 

Lunch is the backbone of functions and festivals, so arrange some traditional festival-specific food or a potluck. Everyone enjoys a good meal, so have your staff partake in the festivities.

Make every employee perform a nice action.

Giving out presents to each employee in the traditional manner, such as a box of sweets, chocolates, and some other necessities, is a thing of the past. It is preferable to give them presents in addition to a shopping coupon. Rethink how you will celebrate Diwali at work. Take a lesson from the above-mentioned Diwali celebration ideas and see what a higher staff engagement rate can accomplish for your company. 

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