Gift Ideas Under $100 to Please Your Clients

Gift Ideas Under $100 to Please Your Clients

Although the Christmas season is typically an excellent time to give your customers a gesture of appreciation, you shouldn't need an occasion for it. You likely want to purchase a gift as soon as possible because the holidays are really not that far away. Inc. has what you're looking for if you want something your customers will like but won't break the bank. 

It has been demonstrated that having a strong corporate culture benefits the workforce. They perform far better, and it might even help firms achieve their financial objectives.

Creating a sense of value among employees is one method to develop a positive workplace culture.

When the chance presents itself, it's nice to let your staff know that you appreciate the effort they put into their daily tasks.

A modest token of thanks can convey to your workers that you value their accomplishments and general well-being and that you want to recognize and honor their continuous dedication.

However, picking a present for the individual who helps your firm reach its objectives is surely a challenging issue.

Whatever the occasion, there are a tonne of fantastic gift suggestions out there that won't break the budget and will make them smile. At Reviewed, we've tested the hottest goods on the market right now for months. We've put up a list of several of our favorites below to assist you in finding the ideal gift on a tight budget.

Cheaper than pricey gifts?

Try and keep things straight because selecting a present for workers could be a little challenging. Most employers buy gifts for their employees in bulk, which makes choosing what to give simpler. However, you need to look further if you really want to make a specific purchase and express your gratitude to a worker.

It is important to select presents depending on a recipient's preferences or areas of interest. Here, we've presented some excellent selections for various price ranges.

To select which gift will be most appreciated by your employee, consult our guide.


  • PhoneSoap

According to Deloitte research, the average American looks at their smartphone 47 times per day. The surface where germs could thrive increases along with the size of smartphone screens. The maker of PhoneSoap, a little plastic coffer that was featured in a sixth-season Shark Tank episode, claims that it uses UVC light to destroy 99.9% of bacteria without subjecting your phone to harmful heat or chemicals. You can provide your customers with the security of a microbe phone for $60.


  • Rambler Yeti Mug

Even while Yeti produces our favorite cooler of all time, you may not have to spend almost $1,000 (!!) on a present. Luckily, you can get the beloved Yeti for your gift recipient using the well-liked Rambler cup for less than $40. It has almost 6,000 ratings on Amazon and is made of double pneumatically stainless steel, which keeps water ice-cold or coffee blazing hot for hours.


  • Aromatherapy candle scented 

Nothing is better than a gift that is inexpensive. It has been demonstrated that aromas can reduce tension and soothe your mind and body. With Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Scented Soy Candle, your staff members may unwind after a demanding day at work.

It has five calming scents that help revitalize showers and nighttime, including lavender, geranium, lemon, honey, and basil. It enhances sleep habits, resulting in more rested and motivated employees.

Give this perfumed soy candle to your staff and watch how much better they perform.


  • JURO Travel Tumbler

When your coffee gets chilly before you can even sip it, it might be a little annoying. Because they get either caught up in an unanticipated meeting or other pending task, employees struggle to keep their coffee hot. Here's a way to help your staff deal with one less challenge at work.

Let them have a JURO glass travel mug, which maintains the temperature of hot liquids for up to 6 hours and the temperature of cold beverages for up to 24 hours. So they are no longer concerned about sipping cold coffee or having to reheat their tea. They are all covered by the JURO cup.

Additionally, it has a flip cover to avoid spilling and splashing when in motion.


  • Alarm Clock with Sunrise Light

A digital alarm clock with smart features is a good improvement for every bedroom. It makes you feel alive in its most refreshing way, isn't overly bright at night, and looks lovely on your nightstand. The Sunrise Alarm transforms an average night's sleep into a spectacular one.

This smart alarm clock doubles as a calming nightlight and bedside illumination. Included among its seven hues are red, yellow, and orange. For just as much as it serves them, giving something to a worker is the equivalent of wishing them a nice night and a joyful morning. Additionally, it has a lengthy lifespan.

The alarm also includes an FM radio with automatic channel scanning. So, if they enjoy FM radio, they may program their alarm clock to start listening to their preferred radio program as soon as they awaken.


  • Wine shipping

Vinebox will send your clients a well-crafted flight of wine for just $79! The business will send your customers a case with nine sample vials of wine to try after asking them to fill out a brief questionnaire about their preferences. One glass' worth of wine is contained in each vial.


  • Spa bombs

If she always complains about how busy her week has indeed been, our favorite collection of bath bombs will gift perfect for a relaxing dip. Nearly 40,000 Amazon reviews for the top-rated LifeAround2Angels package, which includes 12 fizzy, colorful, and moisturizing bombs, many of which assert that they are equally as wonderful as the more costly Lush bath bombs. Even better, unlike most other bath bombs, they didn't leave stains on our bathtubs. We also enjoyed their lovely scents.

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