How can I monetize my podcast with merchandise? Part 1

Why settle for generic podcast swag when you don't have just any podcast? These suggestions for the greatest podcast merch will inspire you and enable you to effectively market your business.

There are already 2,454,641 podcasts available, and that number is growing, says Podcast Industry Insights. You can anticipate seeing that number increase given how inexpensively almost anyone can launch a podcast.

So, we'll show you podcaster goods that will make your listeners want more if you've fantasized about advertising your podcast since it launched or simply would like to take your podcasting merch ideas to a higher level.

How To Make Money From Your Podcast Swag

Look no further if you're seeking a monetizing platform to assist you in setting up a merch store. When it comes to building a podcast store, Souvnirs is the authority. Want to offer the best podcast stuff without opening a store, or even utilize your personalized swag as giveaways or promotional items? You can get aid from Souvnirs for that as well!

Best Gift Items for Podcast Swag Stores and Giveaways

Making a swag store is a standard method for bringing your podcast merchandise ideas to reality, including designing your merch, when it comes to how you can monetize podcasts. The beautiful feature of having a swag store is that you can start making, promoting, or offering away the finest podcast merch without needing tons of subscribers.

The only podcast merchandise you'll ever need is created by Souvnirs, a firm that specializes in finding the best product and apparel merch ideas for your business. They can assist you to choose adaptable, sustainable materials to ensure your swag works as hard as you do, even if it's always a good idea to replace your offers on occasion for a new collection or season.

Additionally, by setting up a store for your podcast products, you'll not only be able to sell them for a profit but also use them as a marketing tool.

The best merchandise concepts often involve sustainability. Consider t-shirts and other apparel merchandise, as well as jute bags, totes, and drinkware such as coffee tumblers and personalized mugs. Your podcast brand will gain greater exposure if you invest in high-quality apparel that is personalized with the logo and brand because it can travel everywhere your recipient goes.

Ideas for Podcast Merchandise

We walk you through certain fantastic merchandise ideas in this post that you might find useful. To ensure you obtain the most return on your investment, keep in mind to consider your branding, audience, and budget. Here is a list of possible podcast merchandising options for various price ranges.

  1. A duffel bag with branding

Who wouldn't appreciate a stylish duffel bag? Now you can advertise your business on weekend trips, commutes, running errands, going to the gym, and more!

Numerous real estate spaces are available for customization with your brand's logo and other elements. Additionally, you'll have a plethora of options for duffel shapes, hues, and extras like pockets, mesh compartments for sweaty clothing or workout shoes, and more. For options, speak to your Souvnirs representative.

  1. Custom track jackets or hoodies

It's no secret that hoodies are a mainstay in almost every region of the world. It's up to you if you opt to slap your logo on a branded sweater. A hoodie or sweatshirt can be customized in countless colors and styles for your podcast. Check out our blog for more choices for personalizing sweatshirts and hoodies.

Another fun fashion essential that is constantly in style is the track jacket. The adage "what's old is new again" has never been more true. You have a wide range of brands, designs, styles, and even customization options at your disposal, so you can either go sleek and contemporary or let your colorful logo take center stage.

Hoodies and jackets are excellent choices for VIPs, incentives, swag shops, and employees or volunteers because they will want to support your brand's promotion. You can always utilize these goods as giveaway swag if your budget permits. Just make sure your budget and return on investment are in line.

How to Customize: Popular methods for personalizing your podcast merchandise hoodie or sweatshirt include printing techniques, digital printing, and embroidery.

  1. Personalized Camp Shirt

Camp shirts are an obvious choice for interesting podcast swag ideas. Camp shirts provide the ideal blank canvas for your branding, depending on the genre or tone of your podcast. An ultra-cool, contemporary statement can be made with simply a logo stitched on the pocket.

The best podcast merchandise is for swag shops, your most loyal listeners, and giveaways.

Options for customization include embroidery, screen printing, and digital printing. Ask your Souvnirs representative for further design inspiration.


In this blog, we have covered some great options for merchandising your podcast with swag products and advertising your brand. In the next part of the blog, we will discuss more options for monetizing your podcast on a higher level. So, stay tuned!

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