How can I monetize my podcast with merchandise? Part 2

In the last part of the blog, we discussed how you can make money with your podcasts by blending in the correct promotional and merchandising mix. In this blog, we will discuss more such ways for monetizing your podcasts, and merch. So, let’s get right into it.

  1. Branded Cap 

Caps of various shapes and sizes are great for customizing. Choosing a style for your personalized swag is the hardest decision you'll make. You can provide in-season fashions in a swag store. Trucker, buckets, and baseball hats are great summer choices. Winter requires a knitted cap or beanie.

Swag businesses, employees, events, and festivals need podcast merch.

Customizable parts include the bill. You can add a leather engraved patch to your cap along with screen-printing and embroidery.

  1. Reusable Tote

Podcaster merchandise should be sustainable. Single-use goods should be avoided. Choose eco-friendly options like reusable totes.

The best podcast merchandise is suitable for Swag shops, employee merchandise, events, and festivals.

Customization: With a variety of reusable bag styles, you can match the design. An embossed leather patch or embroidery can improve a canvas bag, while screen printing is best for nylon or cost-cutting. ‍

  1. Custom cups

Sustainability extends beyond totes. Single-use plastic bottles and glasses aren't allowed. Choose a cup that is collapsible for simple storage, contains a heat sleeve, and is free of BPA, phthalate, leads, and glues. It can also be dishwasher-safe.

Corporate gifting stores, employee stuff, subscriber contests, or incentives are best for podcast merch.

Customize the band, add a reusable straw if not included, and have fun. For more choices, contact Souvnirs.

  1. Stickers

Want cheap, effective marketing swag? Exactly. Stickers. Branded stickers are great for decorating drinkware, journals, laptop cases, and more. Creating a swag kit? Include a customized sticker!

Best podcasting merch for giveaways, swag packs, and incentives.

Customize: Whether you wish to promote your podcast's state of origin, like this California cluster, or something unique to your channel, any design may be made into a spectacular on-brand sticker.

  1. Custom Tumbler

To-go tumblers are another sustainable drinkware choice for podcast swag. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to share the space with a name brand design or another name brand variation or opt for a high-quality, nondescript style that only features your logo.

The best podcast merchandise to use for: Swag stores, freebies, employee merch, events, and incentives. Based on how much you want to spend on your tumbler, you can customize tumblers at different pricing points that can be used as gifts as well as giveaways.

Customize: Print your design on both sides of the tumblers. If your style enables a custom sticker, include it.

  1. Phone Accessories

Great smartphone accessories are adored by anyone! Custom Pop Sockets, tech bags, charger banks, and phone coverings make amazing gifts.

Because it fits most phones, you don't have to stress as to whether your client has an iPhone or an Android, which is one cause the Pop Socket grip and mounting is a terrific promotional item.

Swag stores, staff, freebies, and everything else need podcast merch.

Customization Options: Make sure your brand is prominent because the customization area may vary depending on the size of your phone accessory.

  1. Custom cup-and-saucer set

Let your listeners listen to your podcast whenever they want while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Additionally, it serves as the ideal reminder that you may download your next episode right away!

Swag businesses, staff stuff, giveaways, and incentives love podcast swag.

Options for Customization: To start, choose the characteristics you desire in a cup. Your Souvnirs rep can help you select the right cup, from unique handles to matching saucers to rainbow hues. Clear glass mugs can be etched.

  1. Custom T-Shirt

We can't have the best merch without a tee. Your traditional tee isn't boring as branded merch. Make sure it's soft, washable, and advertises your podcast.

Branded tees are great for retail stores and incentives. If you're giving out t-shirts, choose a universal style and consider sizing.

Screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery are typical customization possibilities. Contact Souvnirs for design ideas.

  1. Custom Markers

Why not offer your followers something symbolic and unexpected? Customized permanent markers illustrate your podcast's staying power. You and your brand have options, whether you decide to use highlighters, like the ones below, Sharpies, or something in between!

Best for giveaways, rewards, swag kits, and your swag business.

Customize by choosing colors, styles, and keychains.


In conclusion, you should spend as much effort producing podcast merch as you did choose a monetization platform. Merchandise vendors can help monetize YouTube, iTunes, Play Store, and other podcasts.

Souvnirs turns your podcast merchandising ideas into excellent products you'll be happy to share. They can help you with anything from merchandising to fulfillment to welcoming new subscribers, and all your corporate gifting needs.

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