Holiday Gifts

How to choose client holiday gifts?

It might be too soon to start putting ornaments on the Christmas tree, but it's never too early to begin looking for presents to give to customers. It can take some time to select a meaningful client holiday present that not only the recipient enjoys but also conveys the worth they hold in your eyes, which is why sending holiday gifts to your clients is a terrific way to demonstrate how much you value them. When it comes to sending Christmas presents to clients this year, there are a few key things that you should make sure to do, as well as a few things that you should make sure to avoid doing. We have outlined both of these categories below.

Tip #1: Make your customer presents unique

Personalizing holiday presents for customers and clients indicates not only how well you know them but also how much effort you put into the gifts you give them. This will help customers and clients feel extra special during the festive season. Getting personal, though, doesn't have to consume a lot of your time at all! It is a good idea to include a handwritten note with each holiday present you provide to a customer as it is a terrific way to make the gift more lasting for the recipient as well as make it more personal.

Tip #2: Avoid gags

When looking for holiday gifts for clients, it's best to steer clear of buying them joke presents unless you know the recipient on a very personal level. Things can get misunderstood, and you don't want to run the danger of conveying the wrong message, even if you find the present amusing in your mind. This Christmas season, you may reduce the likelihood of upsetting your customers by not giving them any humorous presents at all. This will help you avoid any awkward situations.

Tip #3: Create a financial plan (and stick to it)

Before you start looking for presents for your customers, you should first determine how many customers you will be buying for and the amount of money you are willing to invest in each customer's present. Establishing a budget is much simpler in theory than in practice. Because the cost of personalized corporate gifts can quickly add up, it is important that you and your team leaders agree on expenditure before you start shopping for client holiday gifts. This will ensure that you don't fall in love with presents that are out of your price range and cause you to waste time looking at other options. Once you have determined a spending limit, get in touch with a gifting specialist at Gift Better Co. to commission the creation of a bespoke corporate gift catalog that is in keeping with the subject matter of your event and the perfect pricing range.

Tip #4: Prioritize practicality

After devoting so much time and resources to purchasing client gifts, the very last thing you want is for those presents to end up gathering dust in a desk drawer. Give attention to presents that are more than just a pleasant gesture; rather, select gifts that are useful and that clients will truly make use of. The question of whether or not you would make use of the things that are included in the present that you are considering receiving is an excellent litmus test. If it's not a yes for you, then it's probably not going to be a yes for your customer either. Gift Better Co. is an industry leader in the creation of bespoke promotional products that are founded on the principles of utility and significance. Get in touch with us so we can get started on designing a bespoke client presentation that your clients will adore.

Tip #5: Go Easy on the Logos

Just try to put yourself in the shoes of one of your customers if they were to open the holiday gift you gave them and find that it was full of promotional products for your brand. Instead of utilizing this time to promote your company, you should focus on strengthening your relationships with the people who already do business with you. It is great to offer your clients presents that they would love to get for the holidays. Here's a hint: it's not a box full of promotional material. Although not many people would rant and rave about a complimentary mug or t-shirt, it is best to provide your clients gifts that they might love to receive.


Talk to a Souvnirs' corporate giving expert to get a head start on creating unique holiday gifts for your customers this year. We will see to it that each of your customers receives a present that is significant to them and leaves an impression that they won't soon forget.

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