New Employee Gift Hampers: Why And How?

New Employee Gift Hampers: Why And How?

Making new employees feel like vital members of your company should be one of the most important aspects of onboarding. This can be accomplished through employee gift hampers, which may include a variety of products that demonstrate how much you care about your employees' well-being and success inside the firm while also offering all of the necessary tools to get started.

Before putting together the welcome kit, consider the following questions.

  • What are the objectives of your new employee gift hampers, and what should they contain to achieve those objectives?

  • Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, how can you ensure that the welcome kit is tailored to each unique employee?

  • What are a few intriguing ideas for the welcome package that will set it apart from the other corporate gift items that employees receive when they start a new job?

  • Is there a way to accomplish it on a budget without sacrificing quality or efficacy, and how much should you invest in developing and creating the welcome package for employees?

  • Who should be in charge of assembling the welcome kit - HR, marketing, or another firm function – or how can they go about doing so efficiently?

Souvnirs offers a variety of corporate giving options to fit any budget. There would be something to suit your needs at any pricing range, whether your organization is tiny or large-scale, with varied price points to fulfill everyone's wants. 

The Advantages of Providing Welcome Kits to New Employees to a Company:

  1. Increase the value of retention

It's critical to make employees feel welcome from the start if you want them to stay happy and productive. Present yourself in such a way that they understand not only how growth-oriented you are, but also how valuable working at your firm will make them feel.

Wipro has superb staff retention strategies in mind, with an employee-focused onboarding approach that focuses on new hires' talents, resulting in a 32 percent lower turnover rate among recruiters after six months!

  1. Assists in improving on-the-job performance

An onboarding program can have a significant impact on new employee performance. This is because it assists them in acclimating and discovering their own motivation, which may differ from that of people already employed at your organization. As a result, an effective instrument for a quick start would motivate the people with motivational messaging.

  1. Assists New Employees in Beginning Work More Quickly 

Onboarding is an essential period for new hires to become acquainted with the circumstances and feel at ease in the workplace. It's normal for them to be stressed, but it fades away quickly after you prove your importance by doing something amazing, like handing them a fantastic welcome kit on their first day!

Things You Should Include In A New Employee's Welcome Kit

  1. A Handwritten Card

Handwritten letters that are thoughtful and personable can give personal and emotional value to the employee gift hampers. In this day and age of bulk emails, messaging apps like Facebook or WhatsApp group chats – or even SMS – an employee who gets a hand-written note by one of their new colleagues are more inclined to feel special. They do have something nobody has, which immediately binds them as members of your team: shared experiences over time expressed through penmanship in writing (not typing).

  1. Bottles

Companies can reduce their use of plastic bottles in a variety of ways, but one place to begin is by providing water bottles to all employees. This will save time and money because it is a necessary item that people require on a daily basis, whether at home or in the workplace!

This utilitarian tool would be useful to new employees as they go about their regular tasks. As a result, there's no explanation why any new employee shouldn't get one.

It's better for the environment than disposable plastic cups and canned beverages, which are frequently discarded after only one use! It will save money by reducing the requirement for expensive packing materials while delivering beverage packages.

  1. T-shirts for business

T-shirts are timeless. This classic presentation is appropriate for every occasion and recipient, but it's essential to make it more than simply logo wear after you've chosen that style of shirt. Give your clients something from our store that they may use to put together outfits or use in their daily lives! Giving out goods such as t-shirts encourages employees to wear what is being advertised, which raises brand recognition. Who wouldn't want that?

  1. Office Equipment

Employees need the correct tools while they are constantly on the move. The welcome kit should contain materials like pens and pencils, as well as staples, so they can do their jobs successfully at home or in situations that involve less mobility, such as face-to-face client meetings.

  1. Technical Must-haves

Every work requires the use of technology. Ensure that new employees have appropriate access to all software needed to conduct the work without difficulty from the desktops, mouse, keyboard, and Wi-Fi passwords!

You should set the necessary permission ahead of time so that there are no issues later on if someone misses what programs they downloaded.

  1. Customised Corporate Diaries

Customised corporate diaries are an excellent way to make sure that new employees are aware of the company standards. You can tell them vocally, but it's uncertain if they'll remember!

As a result, including customised corporate diaries in each welcome kit is beneficial since it provides employees with something tangible with critical data about what their job requires from the start, ensuring that there are no shocks later on when matters get more complex than imagined.

Final Thoughts

The culture of a firm can have a significant impact on its employees' success. Giving new employees nothing but frigid welcome kits will demonstrate to them how little you care for them, making things uncomfortable from the start! So take the time to put together some employee gift packages or custom printed t-shirts so that your newest employees are reminded of why being here is worth every minute of their time and effort.

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