Pens With Your Logo For Your Advertisement

Pens With Your Logo For Your Advertisement

Differentiating between pens used as trade fair handouts and pens given to managers on your staff can greatly affect your strategy. Knowing the types of ink, ink color options, and pen styles available will help you decide which promotional pen is best for your target market. Let's have a look at the different writing tools available as promotional items for your marketing purposes.

Promotional Ballpoint Pens for Everyday Use

Ballpoint pens are the most widely used writing devices in the world, having been introduced as a more sanitary and dependable replacement to dip pens and fountain pens. The oil-based pigment inside the pen can glide over the metal ball thus allowing users to slide the ink over the paper with this sort of pen. Because all ballpoint pens use thick oil-based ink, lesser ink is being used to write, enabling the pen's ink to last longer and dry faster, resulting in less smearing on the paper. Oil-based has the disadvantage of clumping as not enough force is exerted on the paper.

Ballpoint pens are available in a wide range of forms, colors, and price points, ranging from ordinary plastic throwaway pens with a cap to conceal the tip (ideal for trade shows or large events) to metal ballpoint pens. A greater ballpoint pen with a spin system for showing the point of the pen, quality ink, and elegant and slim designs would also be appreciated as executive presents.

Rollerball Pens for Writing Ease

Rollerball pens are extremely similar to ballpoint pens, with the exception that they employ water-based or gel-based ink rather than oil-based ink. Because water-based and gel-based inks are thinner, they don't clump like traditional ballpoint pens, but they do allow for some blurring and smearing because thinner ink allows for more ink movement.  Rollerball pens' thinner ink means you'll lose out of ink quicker, however, the more fluid handwriting demands less stress on the paper, makes writing easier, and produces a darker ink. Rollerball pens are very excellent for managers, clientele, and employees that write for lengthy periods due to their properties.

Although rollerball pens have retractable and spin systems, the lighter ink makes leaks a risk that should be prevented if your clients keep those in their pockets. To avoid ink leaks, we propose roller ball pens with caps on the end.

Combined Efforts Pens and Highlighters

Whether your customers are compiling data from multiple sources, revising papers for publishing, or just underlining agreement sections for prospects to fill, advertising pen and highlighter sets may be the one item they can't live without. These sets include a promo pen on one side and highlighter markers on another, allowing for quick changeover from writing and highlighting with a flick of the wrist.

If your clientele prefers two tools to just one, you can make a useful corporate gift for them that contains a basic ballpoint pen as well as a highlighter, or perhaps a set of highlighters in a variety of colors.

Stylus Pens as Tech-Friendly Add-Ons

Multipurpose pens that allow clients and employees to move from scribbling to moving across the display in one simple step would be appreciated by clients and staff who operate with smart tablets and phones regularly. Choose a customized pen with a lid on the end, and your client will only have to flip the pen to access the stylus side. If you buy a retracting pen and stylus set, a simple touch of the pen will withdraw the ballpoint and reveal the stylus tip.

From your usual click pen and stylus to high-quality advertising pens with a magnet pull-off cap and a metal mesh capacitive stylus, pens and stylus combinations are available in ballpoint or rollerball forms.

Pencils with Promotional Value for a Specific Market

Perhaps your marketing plan does not necessitate the use of pens at all. To get through the day, students, painters, carpenters, and mathematicians all benefit from dependable and erasable promotional pencils. Whether you're giving them a standard #2 pencil to ace that test or a sleek mechanical pencil with finer lead for all those beautiful accent lines on their latest art piece, advertising pencils can all be customized to raise brand awareness and deliver a cost-effective promotional product.


Contact us to locate the ideal handwriting tool to be used as a stand-alone promotional piece or to pair with other personalized logo presents (such as our luxury padfolios and journals) to create a comprehensive corporate gift package.


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