Physical VS digital gifts

Physical VS digital gifts: A complete comparison

From a caveman handing a woman a sparkling rock to today's digital gifts, the practice of gifting—the most exquisite expression of gratitude, love, and respect—has come a long way.

Corporate gifting hasn't escaped this norm of concomitance. Digital presents have a rising influence on the personal and professional worlds.

Numbers, the holy grail of mathematicians and statisticians, support this statement.

When you compare the acceptability and growth of digital gifts to traditional gift cards — 6% — all question about the former's reign vanishes like smoke. What makes corporate and non-corporate digital gift cards so popular?

Digital gift cards have been around since the early 2000s. The lack of technology at the time slowed their progress.

In the early days of digital gift cards, dynamic QR codes were rare.

It claimed that digital gift cards, which give digital gifts, must be manually inserted at registers, making them difficult for the sender and receiver. HRs didn't want to send gift cards that took too long to redeem, ruining the gifting experience.

Smartphones and a more connected digital environment have revitalized digital gifts. Receivers can now receive and exchange digital gift cards from their phones.

The portability and convenience of phones allow recipients to redeem their gift ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

Why is giving a digital gift better than giving a physical gift?

  1. Huge customizability

Personalization is the cornerstone of gifting, like shipping. Numerous studies support the idea that a gift's perceived worth stems from the human connection it elicits. Digital gifts and gift cards are crucial cogs in the gifting wheel that organizations can't miss.

With the option to pick their values and not have to conform to a fixed quantity, senders can personalize virtual gifts to the greatest extent possible.

  1. Instant gratification eliminates geographical barriers

Digital gift cards are sent via SMS, email, or applications. Digital gift cards guarantee rapid delivery, making them the greatest solution for remote employees or clients. It doesn't merely prevent cross-border delays. You also eliminate the need for clients and staff to stand in long lines to redeem gifts.

With a few clicks, their gift arrives. Digital gifting sites like Plum offer global options, so you can build a personalized present and message without the risk of mistranslation.

  1. Low-cost, high-impact

Imagine providing 1,000 physical presents to 10,000 employees/clients.

The cost is written everywhere, from collecting gifts that fit each persona to placing them in inventory to guaranteeing the appropriate last-mile transportation through third-party distribution partners to processing returns if the address is erroneous or out-of-date.

Digital gift senders can ignore the number of recipients. Sending codes or links costs the company nothing.

  1. Last-minute gift idea

Despite how well-planned your corporate gifting program is, you may need last-minute gifts. Your sales staff might have made a sizeable profit off of a warm lead that wasn't all that promising, or your prestigious client's organization might have been on stage accepting a prestigious business award.

These accomplishments deserve a gift from you. You hadn't considered this eventuality in your gifting plans, putting you in danger of missing a great present opportunity.

In this scenario, digital gift vouchers are the true salvation. Digital gift cards arrive in 24 hours, while traditional ones take 6 to 8 days. A planner helps you avoid missing gift-worthy activities.

  1. Unmissable

Digital gift certificates are unlosable. They remain in emails and messages. Your employees/clients who worry about losing cards or cash would appreciate it.

  1. Easily scalable

Since most digital present systems are API-based, introducing a new gift category and vendor is less time- and money-consuming. Developers and system professionals can integrate in days, decreasing go-to-market time.

The main benefit of this time management is that you may adjust your present profile while keeping an eye on gifting trends and what your clients and employees want from corporate gifts. This makes your present relevant and desired.

  1. Reduce fraud and abuse

Digital gift cards are less likely to be skimmed because the information is produced at the point of purchase and transmitted straight to you or the receiver.

You only pay for redeemed gifts, and all transactions are in real time. Discrepancies can be resolved by contacting the digital gift platform's customer care.

  1. It’s eco-friendly

Preserving natural resources is crucial to our planet's survival as climate change and natural disasters become reality. By analyzing these environmental requirements, digital gift cards' benefits can be recognized.

End Note:

Corporate gifters saw a Midas touch in these quick-to-send and redeem digital gifts. Digital gift cards work like traditional ones. Depending on the card merchant, this code can be used online and in-store. It's a cash substitute.

Digital gift cards add significant value to both senders (businesses) and receivers (employees, customers, partners.) The following are only some value properties.

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