The Top 10 Corporate Gifts To Avoid

The Top 10 Corporate Gifts To Avoid

Unfortunately, we have certain disappointing news for you. That brilliant corporate gift idea you came up with? Scrap it. It isn't as good as you believe. To assist you in avoiding the dangers of business gift-giving. Here are all the top presents you should avoid giving clients, employees, or anybody else on your list.

Gift cards

What tends to happen when you offer a gift card to someone? You’re also assigning them a task or errand they must now schedule a time to do so. Visit a business or restaurant, or shop online. Nonetheless, gift cards, however well-intentioned, are just a symptom of careless, inconsiderate gift giving. This transfers the work to the receiver. "I don't care, what about you? " isn't the message you're trying to send.

SWAG: Stuff We All Get

Swag items, sometimes known as "Stuff We All Get," abound in conference exhibits and event marketing. The majority of it will be discarded anyway. You believe your new branded coffee cup or sunglasses would last forever, but you'll be fortunate if any of them is used once before being trashed or given away. Yes, you're pleased with your new logo, but your customer is more concerned with the present than with the logo.

Gadgets and gizmos

Have enough money to buy everyone Air Pods, iPads, or Ring doorbells? We understand you are a huge spender. One problem is that most individuals already have the devices they want and need, so the gift will go unappreciated. Plus, you might not identify who's an Android man and who's an Apple girl; who likes to be watched via Alexa and who's not; or who's an early adopter who already has the amazing solar charger with a built-in portable speaker.


At the time, the "Bye, Felicia" or "Tiger King" gaming mouse looked like a nice concept. Fidget spinners and smack wristbands were also popular. Trust us when we say that whatever is popular now will be obsolete tomorrow. Skip the newest item and go for something that will stay.


Clothing, such as shirts, caps, and shoes, appears to be deliberate, but in terms of choice, clothing is even more difficult to predict than gadgetry. You've upset someone by guessing their size incorrectly. You've once again filled a waste trip by sending them a blue bandana when they have nothing to pair it with.

Something randomly sold on amazon

Because that's a top seller on Amazon, they're having a sale, and they also have a craton, it's easy for anyone to figure out how much you ended up spending and how little work you put into it. When it comes to business gifts, stay away from big-box stores unless you want your customers to know how much you believe they're valued.


Do you think calendars make excellent Christmas presents? ("They'll come in handy next year!" you think to yourself.) Please reconsider. Desk calendars, wall calendars, and day timers all face the danger of being forgotten. The majority of the globe utilizes a digital calendar; paper calendars are remnants of a bygone era. Don't get bogged down in the past.

Happenings or trips

Want to arrange a meal or golfing trip so you can avoid the hassle of selecting a gift, coordinating addresses, and drafting a note? It appears simple enough that when you try to select a date that is convenient for everyone. If somebody is already scheduled, they will miss the intended message. Your event is already headed for poor attendance and much lower appreciation when calendars fill up because of traveling and other activities.

Same thing each year

Some corporate gift firms make it simple to send presents and to keep giving the same things. Simply send pears, steaks, or ham again, as long as the location is the same. "But they were a hit last year!" you think to yourself. They didn't, no. They were tolerated. Just because people didn't say they didn't like it doesn't imply that they didn't like it.

Something that you are uncertain of

Do you want to buy them something to do with their family? Do you have something to give them for their pet? You'd best double-check that they have either of those. If you're not certain about their family circumstances, reconsider your present. The same is true for addresses. Sending a present to the wrong address does not make you appear considerate; it makes you appear out of touch.


Here’s your guide to avoiding the hazards of terrible corporate gifts with our guidance. You can use it to build your gifting strategy without failure. Whatever gift you choose, make sure that it is likable by all the receivers and should create a positive impact of your company or brand on them.

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