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The Ultimate Promotional Item: Umbrellas

If you worked in marketing and someone approached you with a business that has thousands and thousands of people holding a banner bearing your logo above their heads while strolling down the street—and they would do that for free, joyfully, even gratefully—you might think they were crazy. However, there is such a thing—called its customized promotional umbrellas.

The bespoke umbrella, in contrast to many promotional items, is ideal for promoting a name, logo, or even a message. Take a look at some of the characteristics that make an umbrella a useful marketing tool.

The impression area is substantial, measuring between 20 and 100 square inches.

All panels can have umbrellas printed on them, providing 360-degree visibility.

Above the crowd, the umbrella is hoisted aloft.

The promotional umbrella's availability in a range of colors is another advantage. Finding a color that complements a logo's corporate colors, as a result, is not too difficult.

And as was already indicated, when it starts to rain, people are eager and prepared to hold out a promotional umbrella.

Print Options for Umbrellas

  • Printed panels

  • The normal imprint on promotion umbrellas is a print on one panel, however, if you want greater visibility, you may usually choose to have prints on many panels.

    Panel impressions in various colors

    On several custom-printed umbrellas, a multi-color imprint is also an option. The first color of a multi-color imprint is typically included in the pricing and is charged separately. If printing in three colors, the first color would be free; a run fee would be applied for the second and third colors.

  • Panel's bottom print

  • The underside print is an excellent alternative. Normally, the impression is on the top of the umbrella, but when the logo is printed on the underside, it may be seen by the person who holds the umbrella. Although this print position is less common, it might be a fantastic option for a distinctive marketing umbrella. For individuals who do not think a large impression on the exterior of the umbrellas is acceptable, the bottom imprint offers a more understated advertisement.

  • Imprinted or etched handles

  • Placing the brand on the umbrella handle is one of the classiest ways to personalize an umbrella. To handle modification, there are various techniques. Although imprinting is an option, most people choose other, more robust techniques since the handle can endure a lot of wear over time. The most attractive way to personalize an umbrella would be with a laser-engraved wood handle.

  • Case stamp

  • When an umbrella comes with a case, the case is a wonderful spot to display your unique brand. Even though the umbrella is not being used, a bespoke brand imprint may be seen on the casing. Print the panel and the case for the most impact. The emblem is visible in this fashion whether the umbrellas are open or closed.

    Umbrella Designs

    Here is a summary of umbrella styles, their advantages, and their characteristics to help you choose the right umbrella by helping you understand some of the available various styles.

  • Handheld umbrella

  • The most popular kind of umbrella is the stick umbrella. The stick umbrella has several advantages, including stability and the ability to double as a cane when necessary to maintain balance when walking on ice or slick streets or highways. Typically, less can go incorrect or break as a result.

    The stick umbrella allows for the bare minimum of customization. Marketing managers frequently want a straightforward print on the top panel.

  • Compact Umbrella

  • The portable umbrellas are the way to go when there is a potential of rain when you are out for the day. Most compact umbrellas fold down to 9 inches in length; some even to 7 inches. As a result, it is simple to store it in a bag or purse when not being used. The majority of small umbrellas come with a case or cover to store them in.


    One item that most people don't consider until they need one is umbrellas. Then, it consumes all of your thoughts. A smart idea could be to keep a few umbrellas nearby. You can be prepared for a sudden summer shower or a lingering winter downpour by keeping a few at home, one in your car, and another at work.

    A logo-imprinted umbrella needs to be on your list of essentials from a marketing perspective. It's fantastic to have your branding there to remind people of your great forethought when they first open their favorite umbrella and a big smile spreads across their faces. Although you can't always anticipate the day it will rain, you can predict with absolute certainty that it will drizzle one day. Keep that umbrella prepared in light of that. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the advantages of employing custom umbrellas with your logo imprinted if you are a marketing professional.

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