Turkey Souvenirs

Turkey's Top Souvenirs

Collecting tacky, mass-produced items is considerably less important than having traditional Turkish mementos adorn your lounge room as part of your cookware or on display on your souvenir shelf.

If you purchase coffee or tea, these Turkey souvenirs will be able to instantly transport you back to your amazing time in Turkey anytime you glance at, handle, or even consume them. After all, "memory" is the French term for "souvenir."

If you're unsure about what to purchase in Turkey, keep reading to learn about the best souvenirs you can bring home, including ceramics, pashminas, soap, and spices in addition to carpets and pashminas.

Are you trying to find the ideal Turkish gift for a Turkey-obsessed friend or family member? And then when I say "Turkey gifts," I don't mean the bird; I mean the nation. I've gathered the top presents for Turkish loved ones, friends, or family. from open presents from Turkey to gifts of Turkish delicacies and other Turkish foods.

You're sure to discover something for the turkey fan in your life among the unique presents available!

  • Rugs from Turkey

Carpets are one of the most well-known goods produced in Turkey. These traditional Turkish crafts are available all around the nation. You'll definitely run into a carpet salesman while on vacation in Turkey, but be sure you're buying genuine goods. (In the crowded markets, there are lots of knockoffs to be found.)

Turkish carpets, also referred to as Anatolian rugs, make wonderful gifts. Although they are not inexpensive items to purchase in Turkey, they are of excellent quality and it will last for many years. Of course, they'll also look fantastic as a distinctive wall covering or on the floor of your living room.

Many carpet shops in Turkey will deliver your carpet to your place because filled Turkish rugs are too large to fit in your suitcase.

  • Turkish brew

Few items have as deep of a cultural impact in Turkey as coffee. In this nation, coffee consumption is nothing short of a ritual, and those who enjoy the dark brew will be in utter paradise.

Don't depart Turkey without the need for a pot of Turkish coffee if you enjoy your daily cup of joe. Whether you're purchasing it for yourself or the coffee lovers in your life, this is unquestionably among the best items to purchase in Turkey. Also, a genuine Turkish coffee pot is required to make a true cup of Turkish coffee, so be sure to purchase one of those as well.

  • Turkish Ceramics

Beautiful ceramics have been made in Turkey since the 8th century, and during the height of the Silk Road, this art flourished into a sizable industry. They are undoubted some of the most traditional Turkish crafts you will find in the nation.

Mosaics and painted pottery have indeed become such an integral part of Turkish culture that many mosques have been decorated with them. They can be found, for instance, at Istanbul's magnificent Blue Mosque. Turkish pottery can be purchased in numerous gift stores all around Turkey, but the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is a fantastic location to do so.

Traditional porcelain plates, basins, or mugs are great products to buy in Turkey if you're seeking Turkish household goods that double as souvenirs.

  • Water pipe

Among the most amazing Turkish souvenirs to purchase is a water pipe, whether you consume them or not. As prevalent in Turkish culture as espresso, spices, and grilled cuisine are water pipes, often known as hookah pipes or "nargile" pipes.

The artistry that goes into creating a traditional Turkish pipe may be appreciated by anybody, even those who do not smoke. Many of them seem to be stunningly lovely and would make wonderful home decor items.

Your colorful "nargile" will serve as a constant reminder of where you purchased it and perhaps even of how proud you felt after successfully haggling the price down.

  • Evil eye jewelry is a Turkish gift

In many nations, including Turkey, the evil eye is a recurring motif because it is thought to ward off negative energy. This makes the Turkish gift incredibly kind and considerate.

There are numerous different patterns, so I advise you to look at Amazon or Etsy to see which ones you like.

I prefer the style of this necklace by Not On High Street because it is a little more understated.

  • Set of Turkish Delight Gifts

Of course, I had to include the top Turkish sweet on any list of Turkish presents!

The most popular Turkish dish is likely this incredibly sweet but delectable dessert (which makes sense given that it bears the name of the nation).

The most popular Turkish pleasure gift package for people who can't decide which flavor they want is this trio of boxes. Rose & Citrus, Mixed Nuts, and a package of various tastes are all included.

Since I've already noted that it's a highly sugary dessert, you might want to look into the Sugar-Free option from the Ethics Superstore if you are concerned about someone's health.

  • Genuine Gold Jewelry

Turkey offers higher carat gold for a far lower price than many other nations, and the grade is also very excellent. No issue where you can go, there are innumerable jewelers that will take the time to listen to what you really want and present you possibilities. Additionally, you might be able to commission custom artwork.

If you're shopping for jewelry and going to Turkey soon, wait till you get there and see if you can discover something better at a lesser cost while you're there. Attempting to negotiate a lesser price is another option.

  • Gift set of Raki

Raki is the traditional, robust native alcoholic beverage in Turkey. You either love it or detest it because of the strong anise flavor. Get a Raki gift set and two glasses if you think they enjoy it.

  • Leather-based goods

What should I buy in Istanbul, you ask? Turkish leather is the final thing on our list, but it's by no means the least important. In reality, leather is among the cheapest items you can get in Turkey because it is substantially less expensive there than in most of the Western world.

The majority of leather goods in Turkey are handcrafted, therefore no two are precisely alike. Whether it's a jacket, wallet, belt, bracelet, or handbag, you'll receive your own special piece of leather goods. Unquestionably, this is a terrific concept for a Turkish memento.

Okay, those were the Turkish gifts for the true Turkey fans! Keep this piece in remembering that the next time you want Turkish presents for friends or relatives.

And don't forget that you can always send me a note if you want someone to help you come up with the finest present!

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