Long-Lasting Impactful Gifts

What are some long-lasting & impactful gifts to give?

Recall the resolutions you made after the previous year. You know, becoming fit, losing weight, being a better human, or traveling more?

You're not alone if you've already broken your New Year's resolution. On January 12, which is National Quitters Day, people begin to lose interest in keeping their resolutions. By the second week of February, 80% of people have given up and resumed old habits.

How does this impact your company, then?

The best business gifts are those that recipients enjoy using; these are presents that are useful, fashionable, and merely make recipients' life a little bit easier. With these facts at your disposal, you can use your promotional items marketing campaign to provide your customers the inspiration and resources they need to stick with their resolutions and reach their objectives. They will also be grateful to you for the extra push in the correct direction. Here are the top New Year's Resolutions and promotional things to assist achieve them.

Promotional gifts that can make you a better person

The resolution is primarily about improving oneself, though it can signify many different things. You can become a better person overall by becoming active, changing your viewpoint, helping others, and being grateful, optimistic, and courteous. One of our Custom Journals is the best promotional item we have to help you stick to this resolution.  Journaling is praised by experts in a variety of professions as a way to gain perspective, find inspiration, make plans for the future, let go of the past, and discover one's own identity.

Taking time for oneself and reducing stress are additional ways that people might attempt to become better. Stress can negatively impact your body, thoughts, and feelings, as well as your behavior. Provide clients and staff with a Wheeled Picnic Bag for a family picnic in the park, a Spa Robe and Gift Set to relieve stress, or any of our Stress Reliever Gifts to help them relax during the day to encourage them to take some time for themselves.

Corporate gifts for weight loss and fitness

Nobody should be surprised that 12% of people who made New Year's resolutions want to reduce weight and 7% want to improve their general health, but it still shouldn't be. An activity Tracker/Sleep & Heartrate Monitor, which counts the wearer's calories burnt, distance, activity time, daily goal percentage, and much more, is our favorite corporate gift for achieving those goals. The wearer can even set an activity alert to make sure they work out every day. If you provide this item as branded staff presents, think about holding a fitness competition or wellness program to promote activity, foster employee interaction, and raise workplace morale through rewards and recognition.

Yoga mats, exercise equipment, jump ropes, and personalized sports bags are additional branded health and wellness presents that can improve fitness levels.

The business presents for better employment

Nine percent of those surveyed want to find a better career, but that doesn't always include a change in employers. Giving executives and workers the support they need to realize their full potential in a friendly, cooperative environment can increase their sense of job satisfaction and improve their work. The right corporate presents include leather padfolios, personalized journals and notebooks, business bags, computer accessories, and many more. Additionally, you may help your clients and staff by giving them specialized personalized corporate gifts for their line of work, like tools, measuring tape, or any other promotional item that will help them carry out their duties.

Promo items to make traveling simple

Like new baggage, tote bags, or a passport holder, nothing exhorts you to travel. A customized baggage set may serve as the perfect motivation for those planners who made a New Year's resolution to travel more or just to explore places other than their home country. Wheeled luggage, clothing bags, organizer pouches, and carry-on baggage are all available in our collection of custom bags to meet any promotional travel requirements.

If a lack of finances is preventing your clients and staff from traveling, give them a desktop bank to alert them that every penny counts. This special item also benefits the participants who made a New Year's resolution to spend less and save more.


Souvnirs has a wide range of promotional and corporate gifts with great customization options to fit your every gifting needs. Contact our representative to choose the best corporate gifts for your employees, clients, colleagues, and executives.

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