Guest Speaker Gifts

What gift do we give to a guest speaker?

If you think of the typical presents: mugs, t-shirts, notebooks with your company logo, or a coffee table book, choosing gifts for professional speakers should be a piece of cake.

However, most speakers choose their job out of passion rather than talent. They desire to share their expertise and engage with the audience. Having said that, they deserve more consideration and more excellent presents, which do not have to be expensive but will be greatly appreciated by the speaker.

Coffee table books are a popular gift for speakers. Often, the books are gorgeous and enormous, and they appear suitable, yet many speakers travel frequently, and these volumes add weight to their luggage.

Put as much thought into selecting presents for speakers as a speaker takes into preparing his speech for your event. Choose items that will make the speaker feel valued in a personal way.

As a keynote speaker says, they garnered several speaking awards. Some of these gifts are beneficial, while others I have no idea what to do with

Many meeting planners will give you a mug, water bottle, or T-shirt with the company or organization logo after a seminar or motivational speech. It's a lovely expression of gratitude. However, most people have little use for it, and you risk having it thrown away. Corporates and speakers must have trademark mugs in my cabinet from the last few years. Nonetheless, many of those crowds are unforgettable, and their gesture is still remembered.

When keynote speakers are at a conference, the meeting planner presents them with a nostalgic coffee table book. I left it in my hotel room, which was too large to fit in my carry-on. The meeting organizer mailed it to me a week later. I felt humiliated. The hotel returned it to the conference organizer, who then returned it to me.

Keynote Speakers' gifts are costly; they take a lot of effort to put together and can wind up. Before presenting a gift, consider why you are doing it. Because it will make you feel horrible if you don't? Because you have to give them something in the end, the check would be excellent.

Key options 

Here are a few of the most memorable and practical presents  received:

  • A solar phone charger, which is fantastic! with the organization logo on it. Excellent for when you're traveling and can't find an electrical outlet to charge your phone.
  • A simple thank you card with a personalized letter signed by the whole conference planning group.
  • A tiny wooden lectern for speaking.
  • Inspirational sayings are timeless! People frequently save conference bags with motivational messages because they convey an important message.
  • Original work by local artists.
  • A donation was made in my honor to a deserving cause.
  • Some events engage professional photographers and videographers and provide keynote speakers with photos and videos of them speaking at the event that they may use on social media.
  • A gift card is a popular present since everyone enjoys coffee.
  • A bottle of wine from the area. It was fantastic, but it couldn't fit in a carry-on.
  • Many conference committees take all keynote speakers to dinner before or after they speak.
  • Many keynote speakers speak to improve their industry reputation. Thus, articles showcasing or summarising their message are a valuable remembrance. Wherever feasible, invite local journalists.
  • An event gave me a travel package with a sleep mask and headphones.
  • Phone chargers and power banks with the conference logo
  • Fruit, chocolates, nuts, and other snacks in the hotel room upon arrival are ideal, especially for keynote speakers who arrive late and restaurants shut.
  • Fresh (not processed fake powder) cream in their room is a fantastic treat for any coffee enthusiast.
  • A follow-up thank you note and a referral to another speaking engagement or event is the most excellent gifts.

With A Thankful Heart

Giving a motivational speaker a thank you gift entails more than simply expressing gratitude for taking the time to speak at your event. It also implies that you appreciate the individual's skills and feel that his contributions will contribute to the growth of your staff or event participants.

A fantastic thank you gift is one approach to keep the lines of communication open between you and your selected guest speaker: it offers up additional opportunities for future collaborations between your organization and them. If you believe your guest speakers are high-value persons whose material provides a fair return on investment, make it a point to offer them something they will genuinely appreciate.

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