Working Parents Day Celebrate

What is a working parent’s day and how to celebrate it?

Working parents all agree that time is valuable. When you have valuable time to spend with your children, be present with them. When you arrive home from work, put your mobile phone on silent and don't look at it again until they're sleeping. Play with them, listen to them, and concentrate on them. As a family, have supper together. Discuss your priorities and solicit your family's support.

On September 16th each year, the day is marked as an unofficial working parents day. This day has been established to honor those parents who labor every day, in or out of the house, to provide a healthy and safe living for their family. Recognizing that you may be juggling full-time work, child care, a house, and marriage or relationship, this day is for you to be encouraged. You, who labor tirelessly to provide your children with food, clothes, housing, and an education.

As more moms have entered the labor sector over the last several decades, the proportion of two-parent households in which both parents work full-time has risen to 46%. 70% of women with children under the age of 18 are now working. And you don't need me to tell you that managing a job and family life is difficult for the majority of two-parent and single-parent households.

Working Parents Day celebrates the capacity to be a caring parent while pursuing a job, and it is hoped that your children would recognize and appreciate you by taking up some of the day-to-day domestic responsibilities to lighten your load on September 16th.

What you can do for yourself today is as follows: 

Take care of yourself and remember it's important to take care of yourself and your happiness will channel that same thing into your family. Nurture yourself, pay attention to your nutrition, food habits, and exercise, and perhaps you need a hug. Do you require rest? If you are a working parent, and who isn't, now is your day to shine. Affirm your value, your own talents, the struggles you've encountered in accomplishing your goals, and the significant contributions you've made to your family and, ideally, the world.

Spend some time with your family; no grocery shopping, house cleaning, or "office" duties. Make it a family endeavor to declutter a cluttered room and donate the cartons to a charity of your choosing. As a family, create a new meal using items you currently have on hand. Explore your local library as a family, Embark on a family picture adventure, The more demanding your job, the more stressed you are, unwind on Working Parents Day.

What can you do to make working parents and their families lives better?

We may encourage our elected leaders to recognize the significant economic and advancement contributions made by women in the country and their partners through our votes and phone calls. Paid parental leave, equal pay for women, and childcare at workplaces or Anganwadi should not be a perpetual source of contention; they should be ingrained in the way of life in our country.

Child care is the most expensive expenditure of a family, making its way at the top of the budget family's list, forcing less privileged parents to turn to lower-cost, unlicensed home operations or rely on family members to care for their children at home, sacrificing their socialization, education, and later school success... Childcare has become an extravagance.

Work-life balance 

Most of us prioritize our children above anything else. Too many late nights or weekend responsibilities must be addressed before this occurs.

Propose flexible or remote work arrangements, job-sharing, staggered hours... working parents want flexibility. If your child is unwell, you may need to take him or her to a doctor's visit, attend a school conference, or work from home. Today's best firms acknowledge and rely on successful work-life initiatives to assist their worker's balancing family and work obligations. Successful businesses are now creating a culture that promotes workplace flexibility, paid and unpaid time off, and health and well-being. Programs are meant to boost employee happiness while also increasing the company's capacity to attract skilled and talented people. 

Helping working parents

Consider creating a working parents support group if you work for a major firm. Connecting employees with others who are coping with similar challenges may help them troubleshoot work-life conflicts, relieve some of the stress of being a working parent, and create a unified voice for change.

Before contacting other employees, speak with your Human Resources department to learn all you need to know about forming a group in your office. Inquire whether they will sponsor the organization by providing a meeting location and covering the costs of promoting the group's monthly meetings. Consider sending a company-wide email, posting something in the break room, or using your company's intranet to share information with your coworkers.

While having a forum to vent is useful, a more important objective here may be to effect change inside the organization and push for family-friendly practices. If you have a clear and succinct strategy to offer, you may engage with HR to push for family-friendly policies and workplace assistance for parents and other carers.

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