Which welcoming gift would impress your new joiner?

Which welcoming gift would impress your new joiner?

Corporate Gift Options For New Joiner

A warm welcome always helps in establishing a cordial relationship. Both the parties involved will cherish and enjoy the induction and its importance. To mark the day of onboarding, gifts can be the most expressive way of showing that you are glad to have them. As a result, it's essential that you have a list of the top employee welcome package ideas on hand for a smooth onboarding welcome process.

An employee welcome kit, often known as a welcome package or an onboarding kit, is simply a recruit welcome kit. It is intended to make a new joiner feel welcomed and valued as a member of the company.

Although it may appear non-essential, employee welcome presents are essential to the employee onboarding process. It has a significant impact on potential recruits' perceptions of your firm.

A terrific welcome kit demonstrates that you value your new joiner and want them to have a positive business experience. Furthermore, recruits feel more at ease, joyful, and engaged from the first day. As a result, such displays are required for promoting and portraying the corporate culture.

Custom stationery box

Ever essential stationery can’t be put aside when we are talking about the office. There is no one utility of good stationery. You can make a custom box that includes personalized stationery. Box can have diaries, pens, markers, highlighter, pen holders, funky sticky notes, or notepad. You can also include a customized calendar for new joiners. 

Snack box 

Food is the easiest and most convenient way to express your gratitude towards someone. It is an appreciative gesture towards people and establishes excellent relations even at the start.

A customized sweet or savory snack box can be a preferred option among employers for their new joiners.


Giving your new employee a plant or succulent might be helpful to their health, improve their attitude, and perhaps protect them from becoming ill as frequently. Plants circulate the air in a space, removing dangerous bacteria and releasing oxygen to encourage optimal brain function.

Live for several years, so giving one to a new hire could be a long-term remembrance of the kind gift they received on their first day.

They also don't require much maintenance, so you won't find your employees re-potting their plants during the workday.


Headphones are among the most used gadgets these days. People use headphones while traveling and in the office for meetings and for entertainment. Headphones offer people much-needed privacy. Including headphones in the welcoming kit will prove to be an amazing gadget.

Fit band

Everyone should foster health and well-being to establish a work-life balance. As most office occupations are sedentary, people are more likely to acquire a variety of health concerns. An unhealthy and unwell employee will remain distracted, unfocused, and unproductive. As a result, you must include something that can keep track of their health in order to keep them from long-term health concerns. A health tracker like a fitness band can be a part of the welcome onboarding kit.

Fitness bands are fantastic since they are a one-of-a-kind item that motivates individuals to move. They are also appealing to the eye and convenient to transport. These are just a few of the reasons why fitness bands are an excellent corporate wellness benefit.

Desk organizer 

Everyone wants an organized desk or work platform but managing it every time is impossible. There is when the desk organizer came in handy. An organized workspace provides a better order of thoughts and makes your employees productive. Desk organizers can be considered a vital part of the work culture. Include a multi-functional desk organizer, pen holder, or a small table-like desk organizer.

Continuing this culture of presenting onboarding kits to new joiners can make them feel more confident in the new organization they will start working in.

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