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Why do tote bags make for great corporate gifts?

Want smart branded swag? It's there. Your brand's narrative can live on in promotional tote bags. Custom tote bags can reach new customers.

A logoed bag has incurred lesser cost-per-impression. Here's more proof of their strength. In 11 months, the average tote bag generates 3,300 impressions. Custom tote bags aren't the most aggressive type of promotion, but they can be effective.

What's the trick to keeping personalized tote bags? Unique and intentional. Invest in a high-quality, useful, and beautiful bag.

We've compiled a selection of 10 unique, high-quality promotional tote bags.

  1. Cotton Boat Tote

Tote bags' ability to reduce the usage of single-use plastics is one of their best qualities. With the satisfaction of using a recycled product, recipients will enjoy using this cotton boat tote for shopping. It's an environmentally friendly method to impress target customers and associate your business with a greater good because it's made from recycled pre-consumer cotton. Customize the bag's front pouch with a logo. 

  1. Market Bag Cotton Mesh

Here's a trend you shouldn't miss. Fishing net bags. True. This cotton mesh market bag resembles a net and has over-the-shoulder handles. It's perfect for shopping or carrying essentials. It also has an internal zippered pocket that is ideal for storing change or coupons to increase usability. This pouch can be imprinted with a colorful logo to promote your company.

Full-color collapsible tote

Daring! This foldable tote may be personalized however you like and features a full-color print. It can be carried anywhere and folds up into a distinctive pouch for convenience. With this collapsible tote in full color, you'll want to get imaginative and promote your company visibly.

  1. Dual-toned tote

Here's another alternative. Even though it is reasonably priced, a two-toned canvas tote bag has a quality appearance. This 100% cotton bag is perfect for gatherings or schools. Event participants will adore having a branded bag to arrange their event stuff. Natural or black or navy. Add a customized logo with several printing options.

  1. Beach Mesh tote

This unique beach bag is robust enough to be utilized for travel and fast runs to the store. It's roomy. A front pocket also makes it easy to access minor necessities like your cellphone and other personal items. The bag's mesh sections make it easier to find items and update the typical tote.

  1. Tablet Buckle Tote

Totes may deviate from the conventional design. The main section of this stylish convention tote has a snap and flap that helps keep contents safe and secure. With a tablet pocket, it's a great alternative to a laptop bag. Both sides include mesh pockets for storage. An eye-catching brand logo on the front pockets will provide some color.

  1. Fashion Recycled Tote

Here's a wonderful business care box or gift combo. Mini tote made of laminated non-woven polypropylene shows off full-color designs. Additionally, the colorful gusset offers an added splash of flair. The bag is robust enough to hold big and tiny goods.

  1. Large tote

Searching for a bag that really can hold everything? This huge tote includes a wire rim for shape and durability. Choose chevron hues or the conventional graphite finish to add texture. Digital print transfers or embroidery can add your logo.

  1. Big Shopping Tote

Sometimes simplicity wins. This huge shopping tote could help your firm develop sustainable practices without a big investment. It replaces plastic bags. Made from water-resistant laminate, it's a durable bag for errands or supermarket shopping. This practical tote will be well used by the recipients, and the imprint on the front will draw attention to your logo.

  1. Foldable Tote

The perfect tote! Despite its size, you can zip it up and tuck it away in your purse or pocket while it is still big enough to contain large everyday goods. Machine-washable is a plus. Bag leaks? Okay. It washes up like new. It's multicolored. Your company's name will be remembered everywhere this bag goes.

Conclusion: Custom tote bags boost brand awareness.

Your thoughts are likely spinning in your head at this point. There's something for everyone among the diverse styles. Consider carefully who and what your target recipient values. Would they like an eco-friendly tote? Or perhaps a functional tote that is ideal for the workplace. Promotional tote bags may have a strong influence on any business or organization when carefully chosen.

Our brand experts can help customize any of these concepts. We'll help you select the ideal style, type, and design for your business.

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