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Most unwanted gifts that you should stop gifting to employees

Not sure what to give your staff as a gift? Let's start with inappropriate messages. See the top 7 unwanted presents that we compiled from past interactions with our clients.

Businesses need to comprehend how employees think and what they enjoy and dislike. Nobody wants a gift that ends up being irrelevant or useless.

The majority of businesses will have workplace parties as the year comes to a close and reward their devoted workers with gifts. Some gifts only cause them to raise their eyebrows in surprise, while others cause them to scowl deeply.

According to a survey, many businesses are unsure of the kinds of gifts that would be most appreciated by their employees. Nearly 90% of employees report having faked a favorable reaction to a terrible gift and 84% of workers say they've gotten a gift they didn't want.

A careless present may unintentionally elicit unfavorable responses. Giving team members things or experiences in which they have little interest can be a squandered opportunity to interact with them. Additionally, it's a waste of resources and endangers the relationship you're attempting to establish with your team.

Examine these 7 presents that are the absolute worst if you value your staff and want to keep them on board. You'll avoid making a costly error this way.

  1. A generic gift crate

The recipient will always appreciate a gift basket, but before you give one away, make sure you know what's inside. There is no worse feeling than giving someone a gift basket only to find that it contains food items that they are allergic to or that they already have in their own home. Ensure you are aware of the go-to resources for your staff before selecting the material.

  1. Gift Tag

Sending staff gift tags struck me as a little careless. Although it may sound kind to wish someone a "Happy Birthday" or write "We thank you!" on a gift tag, there won't be any sense of celebration. Employees desire gifts that will surprise them in addition to feeling appreciated. Build deeper relationships with your team by looking at these presents for team members that our AI gifting platform has selected.

  1. A coffee mug or water bottle with the business's logo

A mug or regular water bottle bearing the company logo is the worst kind of business presentation. Companies should think twice before giving mugs and bottles as staff presents unless they are personalized health gem water bottles or hydro flask thermal coffee tumblers. You don't want your staff to think that you aren't making much of an effort to recognize their dedication.

  1. Unfavorite gift card retailers

Receiving gift cards makes people happy since they can use them to buy whatever they want. Getting gift cards to establishments that your staff members have never heard of or visited, however, is disastrous. The likelihood is low that employees will use their gift cards. On the contrary, hand, when they receive staff gifts in this manner, they will feel very much offended and insulted. Come to Giftpack to steer clear of circumstances like that. On our platform, you may find gift cards from more than 300 well-known brands.

  1. A Guide to Improving Your Work

Your staff members are confused by this present. They could begin to question whether the business is unsatisfied with its work output or if the employer is attempting to convey a message. Anyone who receives such a gift won't be pleased. Although it may seem like a wonderful gift, it is not. Additionally, it will undoubtedly give the impression that you are preaching to your staff.

  1. Bathroom items

Toiletries are poor choices for employee gifts since they convey a subliminal message that may offend certain people. Consider getting toothbrushes for Christmas, for instance. It suggests that the beneficiaries had poor personal hygiene. Avoid giving gifts that contain such subliminal messages. Not to add that toiletries are a necessity for daily life, therefore your staff presumably already has them.

  1. Explicit Gifts

Even if given as a joke, adult products or anything sexually explicit are among the worst kinds of employee gifts for the office.

Giving your workers something they'll like is a crucial way to demonstrate your concern for them. After all, the significance of a gift lies in the symbolism it conveys about the two people involved.


Remember to offer gifts to colleagues and team members whether it's for a holiday or vacation party to express your appreciation. Asking employees about their potential needs or wants to be based on their particular interests is nothing to be afraid of. You might just come across something they adore and want to use every day.

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