About us

Corporate gifting serves a specific purpose, and we know what that purpose is!

We at Souvnirs, understand what it means, to find the perfect gift for your professional acquaintances that ticks all the right criteria at the same time. Be it brand recognition, thoughtfulness, or just a simple reminder that you hold them precious; everything is minutely observed by us to make every occasion memorable and happening.


With more than 20 years of experience, our founders Mr. Alok Kahndelwal & Mr. Kshitij Shivprasad have been channelizing Souvnirs towards an efficacious platform. They have been excelling in the advertising & marketing arena through the parent company named Recharge Trend Setter Pvt Ltd. under which this corporate gifting initiative is being nurtured for expansion.

The goal of Souvnirs is to encompass all aspects of corporate gifting practically, from customization to product branding. It might be as easy as printing a product or as complex as creating a completely new product to meet the project's requirements.  Our goal is to acknowledge, value, and remain present in their happy memories for a long time.

Gifting is the art of creating a moment that will last a lifetime, and only those who recognize the spirit behind this thoughtful gifting will be able to do it correctly