What are the best corporate gifts for festivals & occasions?

We have  number of products under our major categories that include, clothes, accessories, travel- luggage bags, home décor items, confectionaries, and so on. You can check out our home page to see what fits best to your budget and company aesthetics.

Do you have a customization option?

Yes, we provide custom design options in gifts and packaging on certain extra charges that will be mentioned once the order is enquired.

Does the vendor have expertise in customizing the products?

100%, as the vendors associated with us, are experts in mass production. This is why we have taken them on board to timely supply clients’ requirements. In a minimal mandatory time frame, our vendors can incorporate the customization details in your corporate gifting

Do they have a fast turnaround time?

As we mentioned in the earlier question, we abide by the strict standard timeline of 12-15 days of delivery. In extreme unforeseen circumstances, the date might vary which will be notified to the customer.

How strong are your logistics?

This wouldn’t be our first tie-up with efficient logistic companies. Our parent company Recharge Trend Setter has been working for more than 2 decades with some of our most trusted logistic partners, who are now currently handling our Souvnirs delivery chain. 

Minimum quantity-

 Depends on the product and availability. 

 Do you deliver PAN India?

Yes, we deliver our products throughout the country 

Why should we consider buying from you?

We do not believe in acknowledging typical virtues of integrity and transparency but definitely our user experience. We provide you quality in time that fits well with employee expectations of gratifications