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Auric Peanut Butter Smooth & Creamy | Gluten and Lactose-free | 340 g

Auric Peanut Butter Smooth & Creamy | Gluten and Lactose-free | 340 g

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DELICIOUS - Smooth Texture, Creamy Feel, Easily Spreadable and Plant Based peanut butter. Perfect product to indulge in goodness and taste. It is awesome Ready-to-Eat 100% vegetarian, snack with no adulterants or caffeine for both gym-goers and healthy lifestyle supporters

NUTRITION - 88g Protein per Jar [26% Protein per serve], 17g Fibre per Jar [Good source of dietary fibre], Zero Trans Fat or Cholesterol. High protein intake meets your recommended daily intake of protein i.e. 0.8g to 1g per kg of body weight which is great for muscle building and bone support

NATURAL WAY TO SHED KILOS - Not only is it tasty and filling but also the perfect supplement to lose weight for fitness and wellness enthusiasts. Protein-rich and Nutrient-dense peanut butter increase metabolism and suppress appetite. It helps you to meet cravings, feel full and satiated and also, avoid hunger pangs between meals

PEANUTS - The farm fresh peanuts from Gujarat are slowly roasted and ground to perfection to make smooth and creamy plain peanut butter. You can spread it on bread or biscuit, add it to a shake or just have a spoon-full.

SPECIALITY: It is plant based, gluten-free and lactose-free. No Preservatives,

High on protein.

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