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Auric Vegan Plant Protein Powder for Men & Women 8 Sachet

Auric Vegan Plant Protein Powder for Men & Women 8 Sachet

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CLEANEST ALL-NATURAL PROTEIN POWDER: Made with only 4 to 5 ingredients i.e. Just Protein, Desi Khand & Flavour. Cannot get simpler than this. No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Emulsifiers, No Stabilisers and No Bad Stuff. Just Pure Natural Nutrition

EVERYDAY PROTEIN FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Get active with a daily drinkable snack of Auric. Drink 1 sachet daily for a Healthy Lifestyle. Drink 2 sachets in place of 2 meals daily for Weight Loss. Drink 3 sachets daily with 3 home-cooked meals for Weight Gain.

MIXES WELL & DIGESTS GOOD: Most of the protein powders upset stomach & are difficult to digest. The unique combination of Pea & Wheat Plant Protein mixes very well in Milk (Minimum Lumps) and is also good on stomach

EVERY SACHET HAS 21G PROTEIN & 6G BCAA: Prepared with plant-based vegan protein from Pea (Pisum Sativum) & Wheat (Triticum). The unique combination of Pea & Wheat has essential & branch chain amino acids. Helpful for muscles & bones

SUPER TASTY & EASY TO MAKE AT HOME: Awesome flavours of Badam Kesar, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Coffee. Made with Desi Khand - traditional, chemical-free, sulphur-free cane sugar from Ayurveda. Just empty one sachet in milk. Enjoy healthy protein milk shake

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