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Brass Antique Eagle - Medium (Brown)

Brass Antique Eagle - Medium (Brown)

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  • Looking for gifts or home decorations? We got you covered with the best brass decoration products.
  • Great art piece for gifting, office desk, in the living room for good luck Vastu.
  • It represents the qualities of leadership and good luck charm for your business goals. Place it around your Home, Living Room, Study etc. It's great for the office/ workplace too as its presence brings a lot of positivity.
  • Material: Elegant Hand-Crafted Auspicious Statue with Intricate details made from Premium Quality Brass
  • Dimensions : Length: 10cm (4in), Width: 10cm (4in), Height: 20cm (8in)
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Package Contains: Pack of 1 Antique Eagle - Medium
  • Care: Easy to clean with non-harmful chemicals.
Product Description

According to Feng Shui, the bird addresses freedom, sharp mindfulness and force. With the assistance of its vision, the falcon can expect issues and take a gander at bigger long haul possibilities. Brilliant Eagle Spreading Wings according to Feng Shui is an image of achievement and long haul development. Use it like a four-leaf clover for your business objectives. This four-leaf clover is a thing and a novel blessing thing for your companions, family and associates.
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