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KONNECT AUX 8 (24k gold plated connector)

KONNECT AUX 8 (24k gold plated connector)

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Konnect Aux 8 Extend Your Musical Journey

  • 24k gold plated connector - Konnect AUX 8 comes with 24k gold plated connectors for connectivity that is better than ever. This cable is the best option for connecting to the music systems and playing music seamlessly.
  • High-quality sound output - Stop worrying about poor sound output because we are here to take care of that for you. Get the best sound quality with the male-to-female connectivity of Konnect AUX 8 cable and enjoy music as it is meant to be.
  • Metal heads for avoiding corrosion - Konnect AUX 8 has metal heads that give your devices a better hold and prevent corrosion. This way, you get a longer life for your AUX cable with enhanced durability.
  • Nylon braided cable for durability - Konnect AUX 8 is made of nylon material, and its braiding makes it strong and durable in the long run. Experience durability with fast charging capabilities.
  • Absolute flexibility - With its 2-meter long cable, Konnect AUX 8 provides you with the flexibility to connect your device even when the power socket is away from you. Avoid tangling of cable flexible usage.
  • Universally compatible AUX cable - Konnect AUX 8 is compatible with devices like car stereos, speakers, mobiles, headphones, and home theatres for playing music anywhere, anytime. Experience seamless musical capabilities with this AUX cable.
  • Warranty - 6 Months
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