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Monarch Executive Big Microsafe Steel Lunch Box |

Monarch Executive Big Microsafe Steel Lunch Box |

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About this item

  • THE SMART CHOICE: BE SMART! Signoraware’s Monarch Micro Safe Food Grade lunch boxes are DURABLE, STACKABLE and sturdy, practically unbreakable so you will get great use out of it for so many times. Make an investment in your health, buy yours today. Make a long lasting improvement in your lifestyle.
  • KEEP FOOD FRESH FOR LONGER DURATION: Repels Odours, Tastes & Scents. When old style food containers starts to warp, they begin retaining the smells, tastes and scents from your previous meals, making your fresh, crisp salad smell like last week’s curry which is not very appetizing. This will not be the case with Monarch Microsafe steel lunch box means your foods taste like they should - not like last week’s leftovers.
  • VACUUM SEALED LIDS: Nothing is more inconvenient than getting to work & only to find your lunchbox leaked all over the place. Our leak-proof containers are also Vacuum sealed, which allows you to carry soup, sauces, curry and condiments safely and keep everything in place.
  • CARRY A WELL BALANCED DIET: Signoraware’s Monarch Microsafe Stainless Steel Lunch box is perfect for school, office, home and outdoors. This lunch box lets you pack more variety and healthier options, so your family eats better and build healthy eating habits. The compartments help to plan a well-balanced diet for everyone to have a comprehensive nutrition.
  • MICROWAVE SAFE: Monarch Micro safe lunch box saves you the trouble of transferring food to another container to heat. The material allows you to put the lunchbox in the microwave and heat its contents. It is also Freezer Safe and Dishwasher Safe.
  • EASY TO CARRY BAG: Our handy lunch boxes are crafted, keeping it mind children and professionals. The lunchboxes can be easily carried around in schools and offices in one bag. Travel anywhere with your lunch as the insulated bag and stainless steel containers will keep the food warm and fresh for upto 6 hours.

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