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Perfecto Hard Anodized Concave/Roti/Paratha Tawa with Sturdy Perma-Cool Handle

Perfecto Hard Anodized Concave/Roti/Paratha Tawa with Sturdy Perma-Cool Handle

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About this item:

  • COOKING WITH PERFECTION : This hard anodized Roti / Parantha Tawa from your trusted brand Signoraware, will surely make your everyday life easier for you. Made up of high-quality Aluminium, Perfecto Roti / Parantha Tawa is compatible with multiple cooking modes. You can use it with equal ease on gas, induction, ceramic, electrical heaters etc. It’s wider and thick base makes it easier for you to make well-cooked, spot free, larger rotis. It’s PFOA Free & Outer PTFE coated for Oil free healthy cooking. Hard anodized coating lasts longer and offers a safe and healthy cooking surface requiring minimal use of oil. Prevents the food contents from sticking to the surface of the tawa. The aluminium body makes it lighter in weight. Aluminium is also an excellent heat conductor and it also makes the Roti Tawa odour-less.


  • HARD ANODIZED COATING : This tawa delivers high quality performance with the help of the thick anodized coating. This coating makes the tawa 2.4 times harder than steel. The coating is non-toxic, stain and corrosion-resistant. It does not react with food and retains the flavours. It is an ideal choice for everyday cooking when you are using regular quantities of ghee, oil or butter.


  • CONCAVE SHAPE: The roti tawa features a concave design that facilitates comfortable cooking. Its unique shape ensures that the tawa does not overheat and makes perfect rotis/ chapatis/ paratha. Concave shape requires relatively less oil while cooking residual oil usually gets collected on the sides of a vessel and eventually gets burnt, making the utensil unhealthy to cook in. However, roti tawa with hard anodized coating facilitates residue-free cooking.


  • RIVETED STURDY PERMA-COOL HANDLE : Elegant & sturdy perma-cool handle firmly riveted to the surface does not get heated or interfere with the cooking surface. It gives you a firm grip thus enhancing your cooking experience and increases the longevity of the product. You can easily move the tawa on and off the flame using the robust strong rivetted Bakelite handle that stays cool even when you place the cookware on a stove. This tawa can be easily cleaned without scrubbing hard. The handle is fixed to the tawa using pressure to ensure that it does not get loosened and come off due to constant use.


  • HIGHLY DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN : The excellent chemical properties of anodized aluminium will not let the tawa pit, tarnish or corrode. It looks new for many years. The hard anodized surface can be easily washed with soap and water. Hence, making it easy for you to maintain them well. NOTE : Do not use steel wool or harsh cleaning pad on the cookware as it can scratch the non-stick coating.


  • COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE COOKING SURFACES : It can be used on multiple cooking surfaces - stove top, gas cooktop, Induction and ceramic cooktops.
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