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High Power Torch, 20X Long Lasting

High Power Torch, 20X Long Lasting

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  • Long Range & Powerful Reflection: The Super Bright LED Bulbs in the Spicelite LED Torch set It apart. Its range is similar to that of natural light, which helps in identifying the true color of objects even in low light.

  • Unbreakable: The Spicelite Rakshak is made of unbreakable polycarbonate, which makes them solid, long-lasting, and high-quality corporate gifts. These are Rust Resistant And Can Survive A Hard Fall.

  • 20X Longer Battery: It is made with a 20X longer battery with 0.1w LED Power and 100 Lumens for bright and uninterrupted light and extra self-life and durability.

  • Compact, and multicolored: Spicelite Rakshak is very easy to carry with a manageable size. These corporate marketing gifts are also available in a variety of colors like red, blue, and green.

  • Multipurpose: It Is a multipurpose and resourceful Torch. It's perfect for camping, hiking, exploring, and other outdoor activities. These quality corporate gifts are great for everyday use. It's Perfect For Security Guards Working Night Shifts Or Patrols.

  • Made In India: Manufactured in India with quality material that lasts long and is lightweight, durable, and stylish.

  • Free 3AA Batteries: With every purchase of these premium business gifts, you will be getting 3AA Batteries free for extra savings.




 0.1 Watt




 230 Rs. Per piece


 Unbreakable Polycarbonate







Net Quantity

 1 torch, 3AA batteries

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