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Talk Two- Conference Speaker With Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction!

Talk Two- Conference Speaker With Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction!

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Talk Two - Conference Speaker With Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction!

  • Online Office Meetings Made More Real - Conferencing has become the new office space, and due to a lack of appropriate devices, it can become a snag in working efficiently. Talk Two portable conference speaker makes remote meetings easier to attend with better audio clarity.
  • 3W Speaker for clear sound - “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.” - get rid of this phrase for good with the Talk Two conference speaker. The 3W speaker of this portable speaker for meetings gives you the best possible audio output for a seamless conferencing experience.
  • 360 Voice Coverage - The omnidirectional microphone picks up surround sound voices, refines them, and puts them out! This feature ensures that most of the voices are picked up except for distractions. You get the utmost clarity even when there are many participants.
  • 3 Mics For Superior Voice Pick-Up - The conference speaker is sensitive to voices around because of its mics. The portable speaker has 3 separate mics that pick up most of the voices through the channels and put them out.
  • 2M Microphone Coverage - You can be a little farther from the device, and yet, your conference calls' lucidity won't change. Its 2M microphone coverage allows for maximum mobility and over-the-range microphone coverage for glitch-free calls.
  • Seamless meeting experience anytime, anywhere – Doesn’t matter what the platform is, get conduct conferences and attend meetings hassle-free with Talk Two conference speaker. This portable speaker for meetings supports meetings on various platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.
  • RGB Lights to add a little fun - Visual appeals are always the best. Well, we read it somewhere and decided to implement it. The RGB spinning light of the Talk Two portable conference speaker gives it an attractive visual appeal with a design finesse.
  • USB Slot for PC support - The conference speaker has a dedicated USB slot that allows for porting devices. It allows for variability in case you have a device that is USB enabled. You can plug in just anytime, anywhere, and you are ready to take conference calls.
  • Warranty -1-year manufacturer’s warranty
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