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Luxury Couverture Chocolates (Box of 9)

Luxury Couverture Chocolates (Box of 9)

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Nestled in an artisan box, these cocoa butter rich couverture chocolates are a true delight. Nestled in an artisanal box with a delightful botanical print, this gift of exquisite, cocoa-butter rich couverture chocolates, in myriad exotic flavours, is a true connoisseur’s gift to delight the most discerning. Gift or indulge yourself.

Add a classy European twist to your special occasion with an assortment of true couverture Belgian chocolates. This luxury couverture chocolate box unveils a pick of SMOOR favourites: Mango Truffle, Chilli, Hazelnut Gianduja, Dairy Milk, Nougat Cube, Passion Praline, Raspberry, Rocher and Salted Caramel. Each piece is delicately crafted for the smoothest of textures and the most authentic of flavours. Packaged in an eye-catching magenta box with botanical illustrations of the cocoa plant, this is an elegant gift for any occasion.

Have them delivered to someone special or hand it to them personally - our luxury couverture chocolate box is guaranteed to add a touch of sophisticated indulgence to every gifting occasion. With a tantalizing mix of flavours, textures and shapes, SMOOR’S Belgian chocolate box of 9 assorted delights look as spectacular as they taste, offering a unique sensory experience.

Couverture Trivia

  1. Couverture chocolates contain the highest levels of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, giving them superior flavour and texture.
  2. The fine texture of couverture chocolates makes them ideal for tempering and enrobing truffles, fruits, cookies and nuts.
  3. SMOOR’s true couverture chocolates are made from real and authentic ingredients, crafted by master chocolatiers.


Dark chocolate [Cocoa solids, Sugar, cocoa butter, Emulsifier (INS 322(i)], Milk chocolate [Sugar, cocoa butter, Milk solids (24%), Cocoa solids, Milk solids, Emulsifier (INS 322(i)], White chocolate [Sugar, Cocoa butter, Milk solids (23.5%), Emulsifier (INS 322(i)], Cocoa Butter, Cocoa solids, Fine crumbled Biscuits [Wheat flour (atta), Sugar, Edible vegetable fat (Hydrogenated), Milk Solids, Iodized salt, Malt extract, Raising agent (INS 55(ii), Emulsifier (INS 322(i)), Antioxidant (INS 306), Cocoa powder (1.9%)], Hazelnut, Hazelnut paste, Rice crispy [Rice flour, Sugar, Milk solids, Malt extract, Refined Wheat flour (Maida), Iodized Salt and Anticaking agent (INS 170(i))], Milk solids (Butter and Cream), Sugar, Iodised salt, Liquid Glucose, Vanilla bean, Basic Mix [Sugar, Water, Glucose, Acidity regulator (INS 330)], Passion fruit puree, Almond paste, Castor sugar, Thickener and Stabilizer (INS 440), Thyme Leaves, Orange puree, Strawberries, Glucose syrup, Balsamic vinegar, Thickener and stabiliser (INS 440), Saffron, Spice mix (Clove, Cinnamon stick, Cardamom, Star Anise, Black pepper), Almond, Pistachio paste, Tea powder, Ginger, Honey, Chilli flakes, Cashew, Sugar Base [Sugar, Milk solids (Butter), Refined wheat Flour (Maida), Milk], Mango pulp, Almond flakes, Permitted synthetic food colour (INS 102), Artificial flavouring substance (Mango), Orange essence.

Allergen Advice

Contain Nut, Milk, Wheat, Soy, and Barley


Storage Information

Store the Product in a Clean, Dry and Hygienic place. We recommend storing in between 15⁰ - 20⁰ C to avoid any melting of Product.

Humidity and Temperature changes may cause the product to develop a whitish layer which does not affect its fitness for consumption.

Net Weight

90 g (10 g x 9 N)

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